Every time your employees call an unverified telephone number, your company loses money.  

Lead Generation Systems can significantly reduce such unnecessary waste by implementing tele-verification techniques.  

Tele-verification roots out local and international prospects that your company’s representatives shouldn’t call, such as those that are not interested in receiving telephone calls or are simply “dead end” leads.  

By tele-verifying sales prospects, you’ll eliminate redundancy, making every sales call more cost-effective.  

In fact, prospect lists that have been tele-verified become up to 85-90% contactable as opposed to the majority of prospect lists which are only about 50% contactable.

When you work with Lead Generation Systems for your tele-verification needs, you’ll receive regular detailed reports showing measurable results of the tele-verification process.  You’ll be able to see the results of every tele-verification sweep, providing you with the data to quantify your savings.

Lead Generation Systems’ trained tele-verification professionals will request second phone numbers from prospects as well as the best times for your people to contact leads.  By gathering this information, Lead Generation Systems eliminates the need for guesswork on the part of your sales team.  All you need to do is make phone calls and reap the financial rewards.

Tele-verification gives your company a positive image with potential clients.  By the time your employees make contact with tele-verified leads, the prospects are already familiar with your products or services.  

Lead Generation Systems uses PUC and FCC compliant recordings as well as live personnel to tele-verify leads before they get to your or your employees.  Not only does this shorten your sales cycle by reducing cold leads, it also keeps your organization in compliance with telemarketing rules and regulations.  

If you’ve never tried tele-verification before, call Lead Generation Systems today to find out more.  Our team of trained experts is passionate about tele-verification and will gladly take the time to explain how instituting the tele-verification process can make an immediate impact on the quality of your leads.  


“Our sales leads weren’t performing well – probably in the 35-40% range per purchased list – so we decided to give Lead Generation Systems’ tele-verification a try. Within the first month, we saw a significant improvement in our sales. Not only did our revenue increase, but so did the morale of the sales staff. Now, their prospects were eager to hear from them – it made a huge difference in the mood of employees… and they were especially happy when they received their bonuses!” – [Drake B. Freight Logistics Worldwide Inc]

Call the Lead Generation Systems experts today for a free, no obligation consultation and start your business on the path to reaping the fiscal rewards you deserve.